Black Whale Pennant


Image of Black Whale Pennant

•Limited to 25
•Made in USA

The Squalor Harbor Co "Whale of 1913" story:

On a muggy, overcast, and portentous summer day in 1913 a great toothed whale was found washed up on shore just outside the fishing village that would come to be known as Squalor Harbor. Tales had been told of such a fearsome beast, giant, mean tempered, and the color of pitch. The sight of him at sea was seen by sailors as a grave omen and he was rumored to have reduced countless ships to splinters. Word quickly spread of the arrival of the mythical whale. Townsfolk attempted to appease the angry spirit of the great creature by leaving bottles of whiskey around the corpse in the hopes that it would save the town from his wrath. Boys carved charred driftwood whales for a nickel and mothers hung them above every child's door for protection and luck. This continued for months until one morning all that could be found amongst the bottles were his bones. Today all that remains are the remnants of a saloon they made amongst the great pilings of his ribcage and the paintings they hung on their walls. This is taken from one of those paintings.

-Colors may slightly vary from images shown



Image of Black Whale Pennant Image of Black Whale Pennant Image of Black Whale Pennant